Luminous One



Who are we, what is Life? What is The Truth?
What is religion, who is God?
What is light and darkness?

The Truth of who we are and why we are here—in the voice of the Sun like you’ve never heard before.

Like lighting a torch in a dungeon, this book lights up the world to illuminate our most profound beliefs and concepts to allow the  reader to gain a higher perspective on life. It presents our story in high definition clarity with the intention to help the reader understand the mental, physical and spiritual nature of the world in which we live.

Beginning with the birth of our star, the Sun the first life in this solar system followed by a journey through time to explore some of the most profound events of our lifetime.

Discover who created the world, who built the pyramids and what for, what happened to Ancient Egyptians, who founded Christianity, how Islam began and why all these matter today.

Entertaining, informative and relevant in view of the state the world is in today. Read and be informed.


Find thy truth, fall in love, define thy terms, wield it with power and let nothing disturb thy peace, such is the way of power.

The art of writing is one of the most powerful forms of expression used by the most learned to entertain, educate and pass information beyond time. Unlike the spoken word, writing is immune to time and in the hands of “the keeper” can live forever. The story of Ancient Egypt will never have survived if not for the power of the written word. Writing is something I enjoy deeply and here through this stage my goal is to write something worth your time, enjoy.