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Mental Fitness.

The mind is the most complex of the mind body spirit complex and serves as the head of the three. It must be the most stable of the three and when it becomes unstable due to negative physiological conditions it destabilizes the other 2. A solid mindful practice is the art that enables one to maintain the mind. Mindfulness as simple as it sounds is one of the most challenging arts to practice and requires a lot of discipline, that is where I come in to help you take command of your mind and master it with military grade discipline.

Physical Fitness.

The body is the “temple” of the mind and spirit and is supposed to be in its best shape and form in order to give the other two the best temple in which they can exist to be at their best. Combining a mindful routine and  physical fitness produces a strong spirit capable of facing all challenges big and small. This philosophy is the theme behind my program designed to give the individual the key to their complete personal power and freedom.

        Spiritual Fitness.

The spirit, the third component of the mind body spirit complex is the most important piece of the three with a very important role to play in life which needs to be mastered. Spiritual mastery is NOT religious but a lifestyle that part of our deepest being. It enables us to live beyond this world and needs to be rediscovered, healed and refined. That refinement is very confusing and can lead one into major distress and that is where I come in, to help cultivate and develop that which is most sacred in us so may live life as meant to be.