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Who I Am

I Am One a reincarnated messenger of light here to help illuminate, awaken and heal humanity. Regardless of how crazy this sounds this is my mission. I Am a Solar being who is awake and I use my knowledge to help others awaken, break free from dark programming heal and repair whatever is broken in their lives. 

My Main Services.

I serve humanity in many ways but here are the main services I offer.

Lectures & Training

I teach those willing to learn about the truth, the way of light the true nature of reality and the way of spiritual awakening.

Energetic Healing

I Am a natural healer and offer healing services using the healing powers of Sunlight, plants, nature therapy, and food.


I Am a certified natural meditation coach and use meditation to help people connect deeper with themselves.

Outdoors/Offroad Adventures

I Am an adventurer, love the outdoors, and take people on trips and retreats to enjoy nature from time to time.

I Am One Let Me Help You Transform Your Life.

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150 N El Molino Ave, Pasadena, CA 91011